The Jazz Festival In Savannah 2010

The 2010 Savannah Jazz Festival is going on right now and it has been an excellent week.  Some parts have been better than others so far.  The festival really started to come alive (for me) on wednesday night, where at Blowin’ Smoke The Jody Espina Quartet took the stage in the latter half of the evening.  He played mostly original tunes, and they were stellar, as was the performance of  the rest of the band with their improv solos.

Thursday night, was “Blues on the Green”. There were three blues bands that played in Forsyth Square.  Two of them were local bands, “Georgia” Kyle and The Eric Culberson Blues Band, both I have seen before and really enjoyed, as I did thursday night.  The third band was Joe Lewis Walker, a grammy winning blues band and for good reason.  Although, not to take anything away from the local bands, because they had some smokin’ guitars.  I personally, like “Georgia”‘s guitar player, his name escapes me, he played a mean slide guitar, as did “Georgia” himself.   Eric’s band also had some fiiiine musicians.  Joe Lewis was the headliner and of course his band was excellent.  There was not a dull moment in the entire night.  I will finish updating the Jazz festival tomorrow night with the last two nights on that.

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