Savannah Jazz Festival Part 3

This afternoon was the children’s portion of the Savannah Jazz Festival and that officially brought it to a close.  The Savannah Arts Academy Skylite Jazz Band stated things off.  They played about a 45 minute set which included a lot of the standards.  “A Night in Tunisia” , “Come Rain, Come Shine”, “Freddie the Freeloader”, and “Night Train” , just to name a few.  These kids have tremendous talent, and their solos were excellent.  There were a few that even had vocals and the girl who sang them had a great voice and they all kept it together tight.  I really enjoyed listening to them play.  Just before their last tune, the director had some of the students demonstrate when their instrument sounds like when it is played by itself, for the young ones that may have never even seen or heard one by itself.

When the Skylite Jazz Band finished, some of the artists who participated in the festival (mostly very well known local artists) did a show that was geared towards kids.  Teddy Adams, who hosted the after show jam sessions, also hosted this.  He talked a little bit about the origins of jazz, and he also had the band give a “jazz” demonstration of all the instruments, which was very cool.  They played a jazzy version of the theme to “Sesame Street” which was just off the charts.  That was actually my favorite tune of the day.  I love how they did it!  They also played some standards and also, had a vocalist for a couple of tunes.  It was a wonderful way to end the afternoon.

They really did an awesome job gearing the show towards kids and just as I suspected, it was fun for adults too. After the band played for 35-40 minutes, a special guest had arrived, Ronald McDonald!  He then got all the kids in the park and had them play a game with a giant muti-colored air cube.  All the kids just had a wonderful time, and hopefully they learned something too.  Maybe, just maybe, some of them will want to learn how to play an instrument.

Thank you for reading this post.  -James

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