My Saxophone, Gilda



About two years ago I walked into a music store in Dover NH looking to upgrade my saxophone, I had a student horn I was playing with for a two years and I wanted something better.  I took a look at a couple of horns and I was looking at a Martin Alto Saxophone.  I asked the man working if they had they had a “Naked Lady” model.  He informed me they had a “Portrait Lady”  He then told me it is the predecessor to the Naked Lady.  I really wanted to see it but it was considerably higher in price.  I had to think it over.

I happened to be meeting a friend for lunch and I thought I would talk to him about it. He put it to me this way, “If you buy the Martin, will you have to buy  another one eventually?”  I said “Probably”  Then he said “If you buy the Conn, will have upgrade from that?”  I said “No”  So I asked him to go back with me to look at her. After lunch we took a walk back down to the music store.

I asked the man to bring out the Conn.  She was a 1928 Conn Gold Plated Alto Saxophone.  He also told me, she had sat in the office in back for 3 years, it was never out for sale.  Well, I took a look at her and that was it.  I acquired her right then. On the way back to my car, my friend, who is a priest gave her a blessing.

I took her home and played her but there were problems, octave key didn’t work, there were some leaks, I couldn’t believe it.  I took her two days later and they repaired her for free.  When I played her again, there were still problems, so I took where I knew the work to be great and yes, it cost a little bit, but worth it.  When I was finally able to play her, she had a great sound and the engraving was absolutely beautiful.  I wanted to give her a name, I messed around with one or two other names, I finally decided on Gilda, after the Rita Hayworth movie, which I love.

We have put together two albums, and working on our third.  Looking forward to playing together for a long time to come.


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