“Sweetest Thing”

As I mentioned in the first blog about my tunes, I did, what is called The RPM Challenge, where you write, record and produce an album in the month of February.  That is the album I am currently re-working. All of the songs on that album are sentences that I said or that were said to me or even a two sentence conversation.  As I post the singles on my  James Rinalducci Jazz website, I will be telling  what the sentences are and/or some of the feelings or emotions behind them.  It is my hope that this will help bring a a better understanding and more enjoyment to listening to my music.

“Sweetest Thing”  came about when my girlfriend and I were have a tender moment, we were looking at each other and she said to me “Oh my God, you are the sweetest thing”  That is the melody line that starts the tune.  The trill right after that represents, my heartbeat starting to race.  It is repeated a second time, a little higher.  Throughout the tune, it speeds up, slows down, goes up on the higher octave, goes down to the low octave, representing how she and I felt.  The last improv section goes to a heightened sense of emotions. The emotions that just run around in the heart and mind when you are looking into a certain someone’s eyes and it feels like it is a long time as you get lost, then you snap back into “the real world”  and realize it was a moment like no other.  It ends with the melody line of what she said at the beginning , taking us back to where it started, only a moment before.

Thank you for reading this post, James

  1. Alex said:

    What a beautiful thing to write about. It’s obvious that you feel your emotions deeply and know how to express them in every facet of your life, especially your music. What a precious way to live.

    • Thank you, Alex! It must be the Cancerian in me. It makes it easier sometimes when it just writes itself.

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