Zach and His Family

I want to start sharing some of my experiences with people I meet while I am playing in the Squares.  I am starting with a young man named Zach who walked by with his mom and sister.

Off  in the distance, I heard a harp playing as I was playing.  I thought someone was messing with me. As the sound came closer I saw it was a young woman just blowing on this harp.  Then seemingly out of nowhere, a young man and another woman appeared leaning against the bench, he a big smile on his face.  The young woman gave him back his harp and he asked if I could play any blues.

“I play a bluesy “Blues in the Night”  I told him.

He told me he taught himself how to play the harp and asked if he could play with me. I told him that would be great. So we played and it was a lot of fun.  He plays very well.  After we finished, we started talking.  His name is Zach, and the other two women were his sister and his mom, unfortunately  both of their names escape me right now. (Hopefully, I will get them and fix that.)

It turns out he is on leave from Iraq and just got home at 4:37 in the morning that day.  And his family came down to Savannah to spend that day, with him and then off to someplace else the next day.  They were asking me questions about what I do and I told them “this is all I do.”

Zach said  “You’re my hero”

“You’re MY hero” I responded immediately.

His sister was telling me, they couldn’t go anywhere without his harp, and if he sees people playing music he wants to play with them.  She then told me a story about how  she and his friend were waiting around for a half hour while he jammed with some other people one day.

I informed them ” It wasn’t is fault” and pointed to his heart and said “the music is in his heart”

His mother said “You are right about that”

That is something Zach and I definitely share, we were brought together through our love of music.  All said and done we spent about 20 minutes together and it was just an awesome experience for everyone, especially me.  His mom and sister are so proud of him. As we said goodbye, his mom looked at him and said “My soldier man” 

There was a video taken but the sound quality on my video camera is poor and it was dark so we really couldn’t be seen. But we did get a couple of nice photos.   I gave Zach my info.  I hope we keep in touch.

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