One day last spring, I was playing in Reynolds Square in the evening and a young lady walked in and sat down on a bench.  She proceeded to take out a sketch book and went to work.  In between songs I looked over and noticed she was looking my direction a lot.  There was a bit of distance between her and I so I wasn’t sure what she looking at.  About 45 minutes later she came over and complimented my playing and gave me a tip.

“I want to to see your sketch” I said

“It’s of you, I came over to show you”

When she showed me, I was in awe.  I don’t know much about sketching and how long things take to draw.  I see  a lot of people doing that as I play, but seldom do I get to see the results.  Normally the artist will just get up and leave when they are done. It is a drag, because I would like to see what they are sketching.  Whether it is of me or not.  I have a tremendous I appreciation for anyone who can take a blank piece of paper and in less than an hour have a work of art.

I asked her if I could have a copy of it and she wasn’t sure if she could find a copy machine.  We had some conversation and she told me she was here with her family visiting other relatives.  She asked me if I would be there the next day and I said yes.  Well sure enough, she came back not with one, but two copies.  She signed one of them.  I was so touched by that.  I gave her a copy of the cd I am currently reworking. Charlotte has the copy I submitted to the RPM Challenge earlier this year.  Not my best work, but I hope she has enjoyed it as much as I enjoy her sketch.  When I do get the new disc done, I look forward to giving her a copy.  Before they left the Square I asked if  she wanted to hear a tune. She said yes so I played “Misty” and she loved it. I also hope next time she and her family come back to Savannah, they come see me.

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