In february when I was just getting started down here in Savannah, I was playing on River St. one day.  There are lots of people who like to take pictures of the musicians and have their picture taken with them. The arts school students from  SCAD will often come by and  take photographs for a series they are doing for one of their classes. Then there is Ivan.

I met Ivan one day on River St. and he talked to me for a bit. He is from Hong Kong. Not only was it was his first year as  a photography student at SCAD, it was his first time to the US. He was looking for ideas for a project for his black and white technique class.  He asked me if he could do a series on me.  I said yes.  He met up with me a couple of times on River St. or a Square and he would take some shots. Perhaps it was the second or third time we met up he said to me

“My professor wants me to take this a little further, he suggested a photo essay”

“What is that?”

“It would be like ‘a day in the life’ of James”

“So you would follow me around and take pictures during the course of my day?”

He looked at me with a nervous smile and said “If you don’t mind”

“Sure” I said “I think that would be fun”

I was flattered. I thought it was very cool he wanted to his project about me.  So we got together a couple of times and he came to my house, documenting the things I do through his camera.  He also asked me several questions, as part of a photo essay is to tell a story.  It was a very cool experience.   We have remained friends since then and we get together for lunch sometimes and he will stop by the Square from time to time and shoot the breeze and/or a couple photos.  In fact, just over a week ago, he wanted to use me for a “practice” subject for his Large Format Photography  class.   The photo above is one he shot on “walk by” a few months ago. Since he spends all of his time behind the camera, I don’t have a picture of him, but if you would like to see the photo essay he did as well as his other work, please click below.

deviantART: ReaperManHK’s Journal

Thank you, James

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