I was playing in Johnson Square one saturday afternoon and a woman walked by me and started to take some pictures.  It was a beautiful day and right after she arrived, a family walked by with a severely handicapped little girl.  I had played a song for the little girl (You Are My Sunshine) and just about lost it.  I don’t know why, there was just something about that little girl that got to me. After the family left, I started to talk to the woman.  Her name is Lisa, and she was in town for a photography  workshop.  She had been around Savannah with some of the other people from the workshop taking various photos of the city.  After a few minutes she asked me if we could meet up later in the evening for a photo session.  I said yes.

We met up later in the back alley of the restaurants on River St.  She compensated me for my time that I wouldn’t be playing, and wouldn’t have to rush.   We had a great time. The whole time she was taking pictures I was playing my saxophone, except when she wanted pictures where I wasn’t playing.  Some of them were posed, others were taken that I didn’t know were taken.  It was fun for me while I was playing, because I was just playing.  Nothing in particular, just music that seemed to fit what was going on.  Lisa was having a great time taking the photos and coming up with ideas for what she wanted in the shot.  We also taked a little bit about what we do and how we came to do it.  She has some other photo series that she has done, all of which are excellent.

We still keep in touch somewhat, via facebook.  Fortunately, she posts a lot of her work there.  I have met a couple of her colleagues through FB as well and hope to meet them the next time they come to Savannah.  Lisa is a very busy woman traveling all over the country for her work and her photography.  It was a huge compliment to me that she found me interesting  enough to want to do a series on me.  She has the ability to capture the essence of the scene she is photographing.  Thank you Lisa, and I love your work.

She was also kind enough to send me prints of all the photos in this presentation. Including a mounted one of my favorite.

To see the results of that evening, click below.  Just a side note, that is not me playing on this presentation.  Nothing I played was recorded that evening.

Click to play: James Rinalducci

To see another example of her work, click below.

Click to play: New Brunswick & PEI Photos!

  1. Lisa Langell said:

    James, Thank you so much for a beautiful write-up! I truly enjoyed the photography session and you make a great and obliging model! Next time I get to Savannah, we’ll do it again!

    • Lisa I am very happy to have posted this and glad you like it. That was a very fun day! Thank you again for the prints, they are awesome!

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