In the middle of summer, I was playing in Reynolds Square, when a man who had broken his ankle came over and sat down on the bench near me.  He had one of those rollers you put your knee on so you don’t need crutches.  We started talking and he told me his name is Keith and he was in Savannah for a vacation.  Though he came to the Square alone, he was there with his girlfriend Jill, and their friend Jennifer and her son Caden.  I met them later.

Right away, I knew he was nice guy.  As we spoke more, he asked me some questions about how I got to be in Savannah, so I told him my story.  I asked him how he broke his ankle, and unfortunately, I don’t remember.  I just read today, he his out of his boot and wearing sneakers again on both feet.  I was happy to read that.  Anyway, he told me he was a self-employed photographer.  He said he was going back to his hotel room to get his camera.  This was the third time in just a few months, photographers wanted to do a shoot about me.   It never gets old, and I am grateful and honored they find me interesting enough to want to do that.

When he got back, he started taking a couple of shots of me playing and then he just wanted me to stand and look at the camera.  It was starting to get dark and we were losing light but I think he did an awesome job with what he had to work with.  Especially since he couldn’t really stand on both feet.  When he was finished taking photos, I gave him my information so he could show me the results.   He took his camera back to his hotel and I started playing again.

When I got back to my spot, there were two ladies and a child sitting on the bench where Keith was.  Normally, I would have a little more conversation with them too, however  there were more people walking through the Square so I just kept playing.  I said hello and asked how they were doing but that was it.  People who sit on that bench, or the one in front of me or on the other side of me often do get get a little more attention, in the way of conversation or songs I play. Often, I will “serenade” people who in those spots if there isn’t a lot of conversation.  When Keith got back, he introduced me to them.  I had no idea it was the ladies and child I mentioned earlier.

They were heading off to dinner, and asked me if I knew a good place, I told them of a Japanese restaurant around the corner.  Before they left, Keith asked if I could play “Misty” for them.   We said goodbyes and they left. The whole evening was awesome.   Within a week, Keith had posted his photos in his photo blog, and all of us were on facebook.  It is nice when you meet people and get to keep in contact with them.  Jill bought a tune of mine “Under the Bridge” on my reverbnation website.  I thought that was awesome!  I look forward to seeing them again on their next trip this way.

To see the end result and more of his work, click below.

Kountry Keith Photography: James Rinalducci In The Square

  1. Wow, thanks for writing the post on me man. I had planed on being back down there again for a shoot this month, but that had to be put on hold. We certainly should get together next time I’m down that way.

    • It was pleasure to put this up today, I am glad you like it. I hope we do get together next time you are here.

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