In previous blogs I have mentioned the Portsmouth Music and Arts Center, (PMAC).  I would like to talk about this school in more detail.  As I said before, the school was founded by my friend Russ and his wife Katie.   Since the inception of PMAC, it has been a most wonderful attribute to the seacoast community, in New Hampshire.  I may be a little repetitive about this, please bear with me.  Russ and Katie have dedicated their lives to two things, their family and this school.  I must say they do an excellent job with both.

PMAC is a place where it doesn’t matter what level you are at, all that matters is your desire to learn.  The entire teaching faculty there are so patient and knowledgeable in their specific fields that anyone can learn whatever it is they want to learn.  Their mission statement reads:

To build community through the arts by providing all people with the opportunity to achieve their full creative potential, regardless of their age, ability, or economic status. We accomplish this through high quality music and visual arts education programs and by creating ensemble, performance, and exhibition opportunities for students, professionals, and audiences.

They are true to every word of that mission statement.  There were no schools like PMAC when I was growing up and to go to anywhere for that would have meant going to Boston or somewhere else in Massachusetts and we didn’t have the means to do so.  PMAC is a non-profit organization so they are able to give scholarships to those who don’t have the means but want to learn.  They helped me out plenty.  If it wasn’t for PMAC and the patience of their faculty, I would not have been able to learn the things that I have learned and would also not have the ability to do what I do now.  I certainly would have never written any compositions or recorded any albums!  I just can’t express my appreciation enough to PMAC for the tools and knowledge they have given to me.  It is primarily because of this school and what they have done for me, and the belief they and some very dear friends held for me, that I was able to conquer a lot of fears I had in myself and go off and make my way as a musician.

I am at the very beginning of my journey, I started in January of this year and it has been one of the best years of my life doing what I have always wanted to do.   I look forward to what next year is going to bring.  Thank you again, Russ, Katie  and the amazing faculty at PMAC!

New Hampshire Chronicle did a piece about PMAC  recently, to view the clip, please click here!

To visit PMAC’s website and perhaps make a donation, please go to  index.html

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