Django Reinhardt

Gypsy Jazz leader

Hot Clubs all around the world

Played with two fingers

*Django Reinhardt was the father of Gypsy Jazz.

He started the Quintette du Hot Club de France,

along with violinist Stéphane Grappelli.  Today,

the are “Hot Club” bands all over the world in

homage to Django.  After he was severely burned

in a fire, he lost the use of most of left hand, except

two fingers.

To hear an example of Django’s genius, please

click below

2:55 Add to Added to queue Django Reinhardt – Djangologyby Jacopoj118,073 views

  1. Mala said:

    Hey James — thanks for the Haiku & for reminding us about Django. Imagine the power & depth of his spirit to continue to play with only two fingers. Talk about inspiring …

    • Thank you for reading, Mala. It is a pretty inspiring story, the fire happened in his 20s, he was able to save his wife’s life, and he did suffer burns on a lot of his body. I feel it is a testament to the human drive and to the power music itself. Gives me goosebumps…..

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