Busking in NH

Recently, I came home to NH and started busking in downtown Portsmouth and downtown Dover.  I grew up in Portsmouth and I used to know a lot of people.  I only started to make my way as a musician at the start of this year.  I have been in Savannah since January and have been working very hard on my sound and music and learning.   I have found that even though  there is no busking permit necessary in NH, there are not a lot of people doing it.  In Savannah, one does need a permit.

I go out once a day here in Dover or Portsmouth, it is getting to be a little chilly here, for about an hour and a half at a time.   Once in a while I will go out in the evening, for a second time for as long as I can stand it.   Being that there aren’t many who busk here, it has been met with a nice reception.    In the short time I have been back, I have seen a lot of familiar faces of old friends. I have also made a couple of new ones.

I have also had the pleasure of being joined by two fine musicians, my friends Matt, the Jazz Band instructor at PMAC, and Russ, who I have mentioned in previous blogs. Matt brought his soprano to play with me and  Russ brought his tenor.   I got to know Matt through PMAC and I have seen him perform many times at local venues.  He has also been one of those who have inspired me and helped me along the way when I started.  He always took the time to answer questions I had, even when he was on a break during a gig.  I had never got to play with him except in jazz class, so this was truly an honor, pleasure and a good time to have him show up and play with me one on one.

Russ and I go back 30+ years.  He started playing the saxophone (at age 10 I think) and never stopped.  I have mentioned in previous blogs about him and how much it would mean to play together again.  He came down and we had a blast.  Despite the cold weather, I had been out there for a little more than an hour and after Russ came down, we stayed another forty minutes or so.  I didn’t really care too much about the cold at that point.  It was just a great experience to have him there and playing with me.  Although

at the end of that forty or so minutes, I was ready to go.  Russ didn’t have any gloves so he was also ready. If it had been warmer, there is no telling how long we would have stayed out there.

I also had the pleasure of my friend Ginna coming down to say hello.  She is also on the PMAC faculty.  While she was there with her daughter, I played several songs for them.  When I told her I knew “Over the Rainbow” she told me she knew how to do the sign language for it.  So she did while I played it.  As we were doing “Over the Rainbow”, another woman was there with her daughter and it turns out, the daughter is learning sign language!   It has only been maybe two weeks since I got back and I am not out there for very long.  Visits from my mentors, friends and people who want to make a request, are the reasons I love being out there playing music.

Pictured below are some of my friends who have come by.

To see more of my experiences in the Seacoast and in Savannah, please click the link below

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And though I don’t really use this page anymore, I have much more on Savannah there.   Rinalducci and the J notes

  1. Cruz said:

    Hey, wonderful to hear people here seem warm towards buskers, despite the cold weather! Did you make decent tips?

    • Thank you! I did pretty good considering I was only out there no more than 90 minutes, it just got too cold to stay out longer 😉

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