RPM Challenge: Day3


I have had a couple of days to get things rolling for my RPM Challenge cd.  After playing a slow evening last night, I was sitting outside on a patio with some friends, listening to what they were saying. Nothing that was said stuck out like I hoped it would.  It wasn’t until one of them said they had to go,then her boyfriend said “I gotta go too, I’m on a bicycle”  I liked the way he said it with his accent.   I made some notations on a napkin to catch the inflection of  his voice.

Today, I came up with the melody and an improv tune.  I recorded it, and went to get it on my computer.  That is where the trouble began.   I could not get it from my recorder to the computer.  After several failed attempts and my computer freezing, I took a break.  Eventually, I figured a way to get it on there.  It takes a little longer to load but hey, it at least it works.  Anyway, I didn’t care for the acoustics of the room on the recording.

I went up to the coffee shop to write in my journal for the day and I was able to get another piece of dialog.  A man was talking to two women and he says “I come here a lot to read”  It was about the only thing that stuck out.  Tomorrow I now have two pieces to work out and get recorded. I am looking forward to getting those done and maybe get a Haiku Jazz tune recorded.  I am hoping before the weekend is done I will have at least one sample to share.

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