RPM Challenge: Day 6

The last couple of days have been productive.  After numerous attempts, I have my first 2 tracks that I can use for the RPM Challenge cd.   The first, called “I Gotta Go” is a tune I came up with a patio the other night.  My first thought was to just use the sentence my friend said “I gotta go too, I’m on a bicycle”  With his accent heavy on the”BI” part of  bicycle.  I made several takes of that and I didn’t like any of them.  I decided to use his girlfriend’s sentence too, she simply said “I gotta get going”   So the tune starts with her sentence and goes a little bit with that and then there is a key change to represent the his sentence.  Since the only part of the tune that is actually “written” is the sentences, the rest is improv.

My second tune is based on something a man said at the coffee shop.  He was standing there talking to a couple of women and he said, “I come here a lot to read”  the word  “read” was said with two syllables and his voice went up a little on the second part of that word.  I was not able to upload that tune as it went over the size limit for an upload.

Sometimes on the first take I find the magic.  Other times I need to work on it and see what I can come up with.  That was the case here. All of my recordings are done without any editing.  I don’t have the equipment to edit.  Sometimes there my be a squeak or a slight mistake, sometimes I think I like to leave that sort of stuff in there if it isn’t ridiculous.  I believe there is a “human element” to that, makes it a little more real.  They will happen in live performances, so I think it is semi allowed in a recording.

I seem to be having a hard time uploading tunes into my WordPress Blog, so I have to put it on my reverbnation site, to hear “I Gotta Go” please click the link below.  Enjoy!

James Rinalducci Jazz

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