RPM Challenge: Day 9

In the last three days I have been working on three tracks for my RPM  Challenge discs.  I was hoping for at least one for the ‘conversation’ disc and getting the first one of  Haiku Jazz started.  Two days ago, I was all fired up. I was trying so hard to get all three goals attained on that day.  That was my downfall.  I found working on too many things at once, only causes problems.  I knew that too.  It was a rainy day, I wasn’t going to be able to go out that night so I thought, “I can do this”  Needless to say, I couldn’t.  Everything just got jumbled up in my head and it wasn’t working.

I found Haiku Jazz to be a little more challenging than I thought it would be.  Not that I thought it would be easy, but it is a little difficult (for me) to try to go from one idea, to the next back to back like that.  It does have promise and I am not giving up on it, I think it will be different.  I will start that disc after I finish the conversation disc.

It hasn’t been a total loss though.  Today I was able to get one track down.  It was something my niece’s gymnastics instructor said.  I take my niece to gymnastics on Saturdays and I wait in the viewing section on the upper level.  Anyway, I was writing in my journal and I heard the Instructor say “Now we are gonna do the dive roll”  It’s a gymnastics exercise.  So I make the marks in my journal that shows the inflection of her voice.  I want to clarify, I just like the way  something sounds when they say it.  The sentence, phrase, quote, or whatever is what starts the melody of the tune. The rest of it is what I build from that. Sometimes, the tune will be relevant to the sentence, and sometimes it won’t.  When I do it live, it is a process and I do it in one shot, mistakes or no mistakes.  To see an example of that, please click below.

If I like the melody line, or more importantly, if I can remember it,  I will play it again except it will be different.  Eventually it will evolve into something that I like and I play it every time I am out.  Now, I need it to evolve a lot quicker so I can get it onto a disc to complete the Challenge on time.

I have three songs done, I am 33% of the way there!  I will continue tomorrow, to work on something I heard at another coffee shop.

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  1. Fantastic process where auditory trigger lays the pathway to creating a new composition. Curious, are there distinct end results that are consistently unique to a male vs female voice? Thanks for sharing and keep on!

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