RPM Challenge: Day 23

It has been a busy last couple of weeks! A woman Sarah, who I met when she and her husband Mark were here on their honeymoon in September, came back to Savannah to film a documentary about my story.  In addition to the RPM Challenge, I spent the last week filming, and playing out and recording.

When I met Sarah, she and Mark were walking by down on River St. and they were enjoying the music.  They told me they were from Canada (which became an inside joke during filming). She must have said that a hundred times.  We got to talking and we got along great.  I saw them later in the week while I was walking  and we stopped and talked some more.  Sarah asked for my information and said she would be contacting me.  She was interested in what I was doing and how I came to do it.  She told me she was a filmmaker and makes short films, and  wanted to film a documentary about me.  We kept in touch, she said she need a camera man and I told her about my friend Christian, and when she got here we all got along famously and had a great week of filming. While I was out working at night, and we weren’t filming, Sarah came down to the Square to listen to me play an she would throw sentences at me and I would make the tune right there. Some I remember and I play those, and will record them for a future EP in the next couple of months.  In about six months after editing, the film will be ready. Sarah is hoping to enter it in numerous film festivals, I hope it gets a good reception. I am not only happy that she chose my story to be her first documentary, I am honored she thought enough of my story to come all the way back here so quickly to film it.  Thank you Sarah!

Also during this last week I was able to get three more songs down for the RPM Challenge which brings me to 7 songs.  Finally, after about a million takes I got past my stumbling block.  “I need you to understand one, two and three” was the sentence.  I would get about a minute into it and get stuck.  That was holding me up for days, it seemed I couldn’t work on anything else until I got that one down.  After I did, I was finally able to work on other tunes.

The other sentences I picked up were, “He doesn’t have a car, he doesn’t have a job.”  Which I heard in a coffee shop during the pause between songs, it was all I heard of the conversation.

“It’s a beautiful day for a bike ride” This was actually said to me during a segment of the film when I was playing out on a patio of a pub.

When I was at the bookstore, three youngsters were working behind the counter of the cafe section and one of them must have given their notice.  The boy told the girl he was going to miss her when she is gone and the other girl said, “Are you guys going out back to make out” in a humorous tone.

While my niece was at gymnastics, they do different stations and the coach switches them around.  They were going to do something different and she says, “Now we’re gonna do the dive roll”  It is the only one of these I have posted on my music page, to hear it please click below.  It is the first tune, called “The Dive

James Rinalducci Jazz

Here are some pictures, Sarah took that may be in the film as still shots or a montage, enjoy!

  1. James,
    This is fantastic news! You SO deserve this opportunity! People are drawn to you—and they should be. You have such a gentle, positive spirit and soul. It comes out through your music and through how you interact with people. Those who get to know you realize how lucky they are to have shared time with you.

    I had such a fantastic time working with you and photographing you—I can only imagine that the film maker had an amazing experience as well. I am SO excited for the opportunities that will come your way through these moments that keep finding you! You truly are having a wonderful, beautiful journey.

    • Lisa,
      Thank you so much for your kind words, that means a lot to me! Just enjoying what you do makes a difference. I had just as much as a wonderful time during that photo session! I see you are also doing fantastic and I am so happy for your successes as well!

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