RPM Challenge: Day 28

Well, it has been a very busy month. After 172 takes, I have completed my “Conversations” cd for the RPM Challenge.  I am happy with most of it, I have to redo a few of the tunes in order to get them all posted. I do have a couple up, maybe you have heard them, maybe not. If not, please visit  James Rinalducci Jazz to hear “The Dive” and “I Gotta Get Going” .  The liner notes below tell where I got the conversation idea for the tunes.  I will post  more of them in a few days as an EP available for purchase.

Though I did not get the Haiku Jazz cd finished, I was able to start it.  I have one tune I recorded yesterday.  It is called “Walking Through the Rain-A Metaphor” also at the link above.  As I mentioned before, that was a little more difficult than I thought it would be.  I will continue working on that and hopefully, I will  have that available as an EP sometime soon.


The entire “Conversations”  CD is based on conversations I heard in various places, or things that were  said directly to me.

Track 1.  “I Gotta Get Going”   Said when my freind left the pub.  The second part  is her boyfriend saying “I gotta go too, I’m on a bicycle”  With emphasis on “Bi”

Track 2. “I Come Here a Lot to Read”  Said by a man at a coffe shop while talking  to two  women.

Track 3.” Are You Guys Going Out Back to Make Out”  Said jokingly, in response  to a co-worker who said to another that he was going to miss her when she is gone.

Track 4. “I Need You to Understand, One, Two and Three”  Said by a woman  talking   to a man perhaps during some kind of business meeting

Track 5. “Now We’re Gonna do the Dive Roll” Said by my niece’s gymastics coach during practice.

Track 6. “It’s a Beautiful Day for a Bike Ride”  Actually said to me when I was  doing a demonstration of how I come up with my tunes.

Track 7. “He Doesn’t Have a Job, He Doesn’t Have a Car” Said by a man talking to  a woman. It’s all I heard when the music paused at the coffee shop.

Track 8: “Mortality Rate is Really High” Said by one med student to another, while studying at a cafe.

Track 9: “The Madness Has Begun” Said to me, jokingly by my friend two days  before his  wedding, in reference to relatives and friends coming into town.

Track 10: “I’m the Happiest Man on Earth” Said to me by another friend when I  asked him about his wedding.

I always enjoy February, and the RPM Challenge!

Thank you for reading this!





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