Clarence Clemons

He was the Big Man

His heart was heard through his horn

Inspiring many

Clarence “The Big Man” Clemons was, in my mind,

the heart and soul behind the E-Street Band.  When I

was just a child, I heard “Born to Run” and it was

Clarence’s solo in that tune, that I knew I wanted to

play the saxophone.  It is a short solo, but man,

it hit me.  Clarence’s solos were always

fantastic, his sound, his passion, his tone and his heart

were always first class.  He truly loved what he

was doing. I am sure just about everyone

has heard this, but this is what started it for me,

“Born to Run”

Please click the link below and try to hear it through

the ears of a 9 year old boy.

That entire album is just incredible!

  1. Thanks for the post man James. It’s said when anybody passes because you know somebody out there cared about them. But when a true talent passes, a talent that inspired you, what a blow. Honor him by working to be everything he was as a sax player man.

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