One Man and His Horn: Jacksonville

The 2011 Busking Tour kicked of last night!  I left Savannah and headed to Jacksonville.  I left a little later than I wanted to, due to a cell phone incident and a couple other unforeseeable technical difficulties, but with a little help and a big thanks to the Williams’  all turned out well.  I arrived at the River Walk in Jacksonville around 8:20pm and since there was a police officer right there, I asked him what the laws were regarding busking.  I didn’t want to get shut down 10 minutes after I got started.  He told me to go ahead, he did let me know if guests at the hotel complained, he’d have to ask me to pack it up.  He was most helpful, when I drove around the block, looking for a space, he beeped his horn, so I drove over to him and he pointed out a parking space for me.

I got out on the River Walk and took some photos and started playing.  The view was really beautiful with the bridge lit up and the lights across the river in all the buildings.  Also, when I turned around, there was a building behind me that the sound just bounced back at me.  I love the sound that gives, a beautiful echo effect.   I could actually see going back down there on a Friday or a Saturday for the day and seeing how that goes.   Being that it was Tuesday, it wasn’t a very busy night.  The people who were out though, were very friendly and seemed to genuinely enjoy what they were listening to. There was a couple who danced their way down the River Walk to a song I was playing.  I love seeing that! Also, a man stopped to shoot a quick video while he was on a run.  When he was done he asked my name while he was running off, so I yelled it out to him.  If I find it, I will copy the link and put it here.

I only played for a about one hour and fifteen minutes.  It was 9:45 and I remembered what the officer said about guests in the hotel, plus no one came by for a little while, so I packed it up and headed to Mobile, AL.    I arrived this morning around 8:30am.  I didn’t get to see much of Jacksonville, as I was only there for under two hours.  I am hoping to get to see more of each city that I visit.

  1. What a great start to your journey. Happy to see this post and know that you’re well and happy. Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Great start to your journey. Don’t forget to get some sleep! Looking forward to your next post.

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