One Man and His Horn: Mobile

I arrived in Mobile, AL fairly early yesterday.  I drove around the town for a little while looking for places I could play.  There was an open Square just across from a restaurant on Dauphin St.  I went for a little stroll, taking some pictures before I went into the restaurant.  Unlike being in Jacksonville I had the entire day here and I wanted to look around.  While I was having coffee  and writing in my journal, I spoke with a couple of  locals and they were saying the Square across the street would be a good place to play.  Though it was still too early to go out and play, I saw it would definitely be a decent spot later on.  I checked my maps to see how far Montgomery was from there and came up with a new plan.

So I went to a coffee shop, and had to charge all of my electronics and wanted to post my Jacksonville experience.  I figured I had plenty of time.  I didn’t know that restaurant closed early and so did most of that part of town, lol.  The Square I wanted to play in was pretty well silent,  except for homeless who gathered there.  I had to  find a new place.  It took me a little while, almost an hour.  I thought it was a great spot, it was a vacant lot further up the street, where there were bars and a couple of restaurants.

I got started and the church chimes started playing about 15 minutes later, so that gave me a quick break.  During this break I saw a man approaching me, when he was close enough, his first words to me were, “A man and his horn!”  I was so surprised he said that, I asked if he had been reading my blog.  He said he hadn’t nor had he heard of me.  I thought he might have been someone online I hadn’t met.  He wasn’t, he was driving by and he heard me playing and he wanted to come see me. He said he felt my spirit through my music.  His name is David and he plays electric bass.  We talked for a about 1o minutes while the chimes were going, the timing was perfect.  I thoroughly enjoyed talking to him. He is a man, aside from playing his own music,  Charlie Parker solos on an electric bass!  Meeting and talking to Dave, was the highlight of the night!

As for the rest of the night, the next 2 hours and 45 minutes went by with little happening.  There just weren’t a lot of people out, but the ones who were, were cool.   I had a blast out there playing, and at times looked behind me on the vacant lot and imagined it crowded with people on blankets.  Apparently, in Mobile, you can walk around the streets there with drinks and from what I saw they don’t even need to be in plastic cups.  

Today I am in Montgomery and tomorrow, Birmingham.

I want to say thank you to everyone who is reading my posts and following me on my journey- Thank you so much!!

  1. So glad you’re posting here. It’s ALMOST like being there 🙂 I hope every stop along the way just gets better and better for you x

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