One Man and His Horn: Montgomery Day 1

I arrived in Montgomery yesterday morning and found myself  to the riverfront easily.  The  Visitor’s Center is right there so I went in to get some information.  From the the moment I arrived in this town, everyone I talked to was very helpful, warm and welcoming.  The ladies at the Visitor’s Center were so helpful with suggestions as to where to play.  Jackie, Cheryl and Diane are the ones I met yesterday and they were just awesome. I am so grateful for them. If you find your self there, tell them James says “Hello!’

Based on the info I was given, I went to one of these spots and unfortunately, there was music being played on the loudspeakers.  I can’t compete with that, obviously, so I went to the top of the ramp.  It is the ramp that leads down to river front and the river boat. I was also told by the fountain would be good.  I thought I would go to the fountain at night.  While I was at the ramp, bike officer rode up and said “Play me something tragic”    I said, “As in tragic that I am done for the day?”   He laughed and told me it was a quote from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.  I knew instantly, the scene he was talking about.  Anyway, he was also most helpful.  His name was Jeff and I saw a lot of him during the day.  He told me about  the same places the ladies in the V.C.  mentioned.  He also told me every time he saw me, “If you need anything, let me know”  I was so grateful for his help as well.  I kept playing for another hour and a half or so, until lunch was over. There was a man named Willy Fred, who hung out for his entire lunch.  He and I talked a little during that time.

During the afternoon, I found myself walking up to the Fountain.  I passed the Hank Williams Museum, I didn’t go in.  I found out right across from the fountain, was the bus stop Rosa Parks was at when she refused to sit at the back of the bus.  And right across from there(I found out later) was where Jefferson Davis’ house when he received the letter that started the Civil War.  I thought that would be great place to play last night.  When I told Jackie that she said it wouldn’t.  There is no action up there at night, it is all closed up.  So I went to the top of the ramp again last night.  As of yesterday, I am playing twice a day and still having the time of my life!  I am used to being out there for a while, I am used to the heat.  What I am not used to, is short sleeves and no shade, lol.  My arms and the back of my neck got fried. Live and Learn.

Jeff and the Ladies from the V.C. were telling me of some things going on today (friday)  So I stayed in Montgomery for a full second day.   I like this town.  It was worth staying another day.  Since I stayed another day here, there would have been too much for one post.  I will post Day 2 tomorrow.

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  1. It’s so great to hear that everywhere you stop, people are so friendly to you. Must be that big smile 🙂 Thanks for sharing x

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