One Man and His Horn: Montgomery Day 2

My second day in Montgomery was well worth the stay.  When I went into the Visitor’s Center in the morning to say hi to the ladies, and get a coffee, Jackie asked me where my saxophone was. I told her it was in the car.  She asked me if I would play a couple of tunes for them inside the V.C..  I was only too happy to do so.  It was a huge open room and the echo there just made everything sound beautiful.  When I was all done, I finished my coffee and headed up to the Rosa Parks bus stop (It’s not called that, that is what I am calling it).  I really just wanted to play there for lunch and then head out.   While I was playing, Jeff stopped by and told me I want to hang out for the night, the Buckmaster’s Show  started that night.  He also said the top of the ramp would be a good place to be.

I finished my afternoon shift, which was a good shift.  I saw some really cool people.  One in particular, he brought a tall cup of iced tea over to me.  He said “I didn’t know if you had any water so I thought you could use this.”  I told him I did have water, but I was going through it fast and told him thank you.  By the end of the shift, my water was long gone and that tea hit the spot.  I am definitely grateful to that man!  There were also some very nice comments and people getting out of the car to come over.  It was a great shift!

I went back to the V.C. after putting my stuff away to refill my water bottles and write in my journal.  Jackie asked me again if it would be difficult to get my horn.  I said “No, why?”  She started to say it was Rose’s 70th birthday and I said “Say no more.”  Rose also works there and she was off the first day I was there.  I went to get Gilda, and we hid behind a bookcase so Rose wouldn’t see us when they brought her out.  We came out from behind the bookcase playing “Happy Birthday” and the look on her face was priceless!!

Later on that night, I went to the top of the ramp and played my heart out.  There wasn’t as much action as I was hoping for but, there was some.  I was out there for about two and a half hours and I was winding down and a man pulled up in a catering van.  He pulled over and asked me if I would go up and play in front of his restaurant for an hour.  I said “I’ll be right there”  Then he paid me and I packed it up and went to his place.  There was a lot of people up there and it was great!  I had the best time standing out there wailing my tunes.  His name was Bob and it was The Deli at Alley Station.  I was there the day before posting my blog having an iced tea.   It is a wonderful place and the two people I met there, Megan and Shawn were also very cool.

Throughout the day, the people I had met were asking me when I would be back through that way.  I told them I didn’t know, but would love to come back to this town.  Jeff said to me he is in a band and if they were playing this weekend, he would invite me to sit in with his band.  I thought that was cool of him to say, and told him I was grateful for the invite.

There was something I forgot to mention in Day 1.  After I was done for the night, I went to a place called the Cantina, also located in  “The Alley Station” , to unwind.  I wanted to mention the two people I met there also, Jim and Leslie.  They were very cool and great to talk to.

The city of Montgomery, as I saw it, is a wonderful city and I would love to visit there again.  It seems I made a couple of friends there.  Thank you to everyone there that made me feel at home!

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  1. Another fantastic day James 🙂 And your photos are a wonderful addition to your words

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