One Man and His Horn: Dandridge, TN

After I left Nashville, I headed east to Dandridge, TN.  My brother and his family live there.  It is a small town.  I spent the day at my brother’s house hanging out, doing laundry and visiting with my nieces.  It was a wonderful morning and afternoon.  After Steve (my brother) got home from work, Kerri (his wife) ordered some pizza.  We were talking and having a great time and I asked him if he wanted to go downtown and listen to me play in a little while. He hadn’t seen me do what I do yet, so I thought it would be fun for both of us.   He said, “Sure, but I don’t think anyone will be down there”  I told him, “You will be!”

We drove downtown, and though he was right,  the cars that stopped at the stop sign or drove through gave me smiles, thumbs up, and head nods.  Not one person walked by me.  My car and one other car were there only ones parked there, but the reaction from everyone who drove by me was most welcoming.  What was really cool about this though, was all I did was wail as loud as I could and just had fun playing there with my brother sitting across the street on a bench.  We left after about 45 minutes and went home.

This morning, I went back down to the same spot.  Businesses were open and people were out and about.  It was very different.  People came out of their businesses to listen from the sidewalk and one woman, named Vicki, came down the street from her shop, The Red Door Gallery, to tell me how much she was enjoying the saxophone music today.  A couple of people did that, but Vicki introduced herself to me.  When I was done, I went to her gallery, had a look, and said thanks for coming down.  She has a wonderful gallery, since I don’t have any photos, I need new batteries for the camera, here is a link

I was there for a little more than an hour before I headed off to Knoxville for today.  The stop in Dandridge was planned, I wanted to see Steve and the family, the playing was not planned, but I am glad I did it!  As I said earlier, Dandridge is a  small town, I don’t know how often buskers pass through here, but I know it can’t be many.  It was a wonderful experience for everyone, I think.

Thank you,  Steve and Kerri for a wonderful visit, and for putting me up and laundry.  I will be leaving here completely rejuvenated!

Thank YOU, for following along on my journey!

  1. Vickie said:

    It was a great pleasure to meet you, James! Your beautiful music took me back to a great visit I had to New Orleans several years ago. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent in our small town, if only for a brief time. It made me smile all day!!

  2. I wish I had had a chance to go up and personally tell you how much your music was enjoyed. Please come back and play again sometime. Let us know when you are coming back to Dandridge. Thanks.

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