One Man and His Horn: Knoxville Day 2

I took the morning and afternoon to do my coffee shop work at the house today.  I planned on going to Knoxville at night.  It was just coincidence I showed up yesterday when the Farmer’s Market was happening and I wasn’t sure if anything was going on for the daytime there.  Plus, it gave me some visiting time with my nieces when they got home from school and I played for them while they were doing crafts.

I started playing in the same spot I had last night at 6:00.  I liked that spot, in was pretty much in the center area of Market Square.  I played for almost two hours and a couple of cellists were setting up close to me.  I spoke up and said “This is a little close, don’t you think?”  They looked around and sat at the table for a few minutes.  I was talking with some people at a table facing the other direction and when I turned around, they had left the Square completely.  I felt awful about that.  It is my hope, that they thought it may have been too close also, and went around the corner.

As it got darker, there were some kids in the Square spinning Poi.  It is a type of performance art.  Most recognized in Hawaii with fire.  I talked with one of them, Tyler, and he explained to me what they were using and unfortunately, I can’t remember all of the details.  I hope the photo makes it recognizable, I wish I got a better picture of it.  At one point 4 of them were doing it, and I didn’t get my camera out in time.  It was pretty cool.

As the night went on, I talked to more people.  I was ready to stop playing around 9:00ish, but things picked up and I played for another hour.  There were  people sitting outside having dinner, and enjoying my music.  Jenny, who got there ahead of her family was generous throughout the night. Thank you, Jenny!  Her husband and two kids joined her about 15 minutes after she got there, and throughout that last hour, I was periodically having fun with her son Caden.  I had a blast with him.

There was another family, (I think), out at the next restaurant and I talked to them for a few minutes and gave them a cd and told them what I was doing.  They asked if there were going to be pictures, I said I didn’t think so.  Two of them came over later and took some pictures with there cell and the gentleman said, “Need to get some pictures for your blog!”  I said “In that case” and I handed him my camera.  He took a great shot of me playing to Haley.  Hers was the only name I got.  I wish I got the others.  I was doing an improv piece and I played something soft and sweet.  She asked me “What is the name of that song?”  I told her, “I made it up for you”  She said, “Haley’s Song?”  I answered  “Of course!”  The gentleman she was with, was  a generous man.  I didn’t know what he put in the box until I got home, but I did see what he did for someone else.  I don’t think I was suppose to, but I did.  Thank you sir, for your kindness, not only to me but to others.

After they left, I saw Jenny and her family were almost ready to leave. I was ready to pack it up.  Jenny and Caden came over and took a couple of pictures.  Caden, who is 4, took the one of me and Jenny.  I told her I wanted to get them a cd and asked if they would be there for a few more minutes, she said yes.  When I got back, I met her husband Cody and their little one Sky. We talked for a few minutes and they asked when I would be out there again and I told them I was leaving tomorrow, and also told them what I was doing.

Much like the day before, I found the people of Knoxville to be very friendly and enjoyable to talk to.  I hope to go back there again, it was a wonderful experience and I am thankful for my time and to the people there.

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