One Man and His Horn: Atlanta

When I got to Atlanta, it was about 6:30pm.  I had let a friend know I was coming to town and was hoping to see him.  I told him about the time I would be arriving there and he called me just as I was entering the city.  Fortunately, where I was, was not far from his house.  His name is Keith, and I met him last July when he was in Savannah with his girlfriend and her friend. When he saw me in Reynolds Square, we talked for a while and he went back to the hotel to get his camera, he is a photographer.  He took a portrait shoot of me that night and we have stayed in touch.  To see the results of that impromptu shoot and his other work   This one is is website   Please take a look at these, he does excellent work!

I got to his apartment and thought it would be nice to have a cold beverage and catch up, then go out to play an hour later.  He took me to the Park Tavern, they had a live band playing.  I don’t know the name, but they were pretty good. We hung out for a little while and got caught up on events.  We got back to his apartment  and since I didn’t know Atlanta, he drove downtown with me to Centennial Olympic Park and showed me where to park my car.

Just a side note—- Parking rates in Atlanta are a little outrageous.  There really isn’t any place on the street to park, I am talking about meters, that I saw.  There are various lots all over downtown and they are priced pretty high, especially for a Sunday night at 10pm.  Anyway….

He walked me over to the park and it was a beautiful park with people just hanging out.  Either sitting on the steps and watching and/or playing in the water fountain.  I thought this was a great place to play.  It was so open.  When I started playing, the sound throughout the park just kinda echoed slightly.  It was a great sound.  Keith was going to hang around for a little while before he went back to his apartment.  He took a couple of photos with my camera and with his iPhone.  About 30 minutes into my playing, I was asked to leave by park security.  As always, I understood and packed it up. Keith was telling me about a corner where the Hard Rock Cafe is, so we made our way up there.  On the way, we saw a couple of police officers and I wanted to ask them the rules.   In Atlanta, yes, you do need a permit to busk.  They seemed a little lax about it though.  We went up to the corner, and it was kinda dead, so we went back to his apartment.  Keith offered me to stay at his place for the night.  I took him up on it.  We had a cold beverage and he made a late dinner for us.  It was great!  We were up late talking about our crafts and how things are going for us.

The next day, I thought I would go back downtown for lunch and give it a shot before I headed to Macon.  Then I got thinking a little more.  With how expensive parking is, I didn’t want to take a chance of getting down there and getting asked to leave after 30 minutes.  So Keith and I hung out at his place for the morning and early afternoon.  He made us a  great breakfast.  The next thing I know it is 1:30.  I had to go to a coffee shop and do some work.  He told me of one just down the street.  I was planning on leaving after that.  Keith contacted me about an hour later and offered to do a light portrait of me.  I couldn’t believe that! He had already fed me twice, gave a place to sleep, a shower and great conversation.   I was already grateful for what he had done for me, and now a portrait!  I went back to his place and was there for about 45 minutes and he took some great shots.   Keith was very generous with his time and his craft and I am very grateful for that.  He got one of my t-shirts, and I gave him a copy of my cd “Conversations” in appreciation for all he had done for me.  Keith, thank you so much! I enjoyed my time in Atlanta, eventhough I didn’t get to play as much as I wanted to.

Keith is going to email the portraits he did, and when he does, I will add them to this post.

Here are the photos of the light portrait Keith did-


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