One Man and His Horn: Macon

Macon was the final stop along my tour.  My friend Craig lives there with his family.  He and his wife Kim, came to Savannah about a month ago, and it was the first time I had seen him since graduation,  24 years.  We both agreed not to let so much time go by before we saw each other again.   I told him about my tour and that I would love to see him when I come to Macon.  He told me there really wouldn’t be any place to play there though.  It didn’t matter, that was going to be my last stop.

When I arrived at Craig’s house, I was happy to see him.  It was awesome  to be seeing him for the second time in a month.  We went inside I said Hello to Kim, who is just a sweetheart, and his son Hayden. I had heard a lot about Hayden from Craig when he was in Savannah, I was looking forward to meeting him.  Hayden is the spitting image of his father when he was that age! It was wild.  He is a good kid, very respectful and polite.  He also plays the trumpet, unfortunately he left it at school.

While Craig was grilling the steaks, I decided to get Gilda and give Craig some “grilling music”.  He had given me a sentence while he was in Savannah and I have been working on it.  He was diggin’ it.  Hayden though it was cool, so I told him to give me a sentence.  He did, and I had fun with that and he loved it. Dinner was ready and we went inside.

This dinner was awesome.  Craig had marinated the steaks before I got there with a local seasoning that was out of this world.  They were also big fat steaks! There was also baked potato, corn on the cobb, salad and garlic bread, he and Kim did all of this together, and what a dinner!  The steaks were cooked to perfection, I savored every bite.  I told him it was quite possibly the best steak I ever had, and he said “C’mon!”  So I thought about it. I remembered a filet I had once encrusted with peppercorn, topped with gorgonzola, and a few onion rings and served with a mushroom demi-glace.  I said “You are right, it is the second best steak I have ever had!”  We sat around the table for a while and had great conversation.

The whole night was just great!  Craig and I stayed up late talking about cities I had been in and things he has been doing.  Of course there was further reminiscing.  Hayden got out of bed and came down to partake of  our conversation for a little while and I thought that as pretty cool.  After he went back to bed, Craig and I got online and had a conversation with another friend from high school and that was a lot of fun too.

Since he had to go to work in the morning, the night finally came to an end.  Unfortunately, I only got two pictures and one is blurry, but it was better than having only half of Hayden’s head.   When he went to work, I headed back to Savannah.  I got home yesterday morning around 11:30 am and my brother-in-law Ed, had lunch ready.

I couldn’t think of a better end to my trip!  Although, my laundry got done and I had a fresh start, I almost thought about staying on the road for another week.  Then I thought, that will come soon enough.

A huge thank you to Craig, Kim and Hayden for making me feel right at home!  See you again soon!

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