Savannah Jazz Festival: Day 4 and 5

Wednesday night, at Blowin’ Smoke there were two bands that played.  The show started at 5:15 with George Petit 4 & Bob Masteller & Jazz Corner Quintet from The Jazz Corner in Hilton Head  This band did a lot of traditional jazz pieces and they had a great sound.  When I arrived, there was a man singing with them and unfortunately, I didn’t get his name.  This man is being inducted into The Coastal Jazz Association Hall of Fame this weekend.  They also had Jody Espina sit in for a couple of tunes.  He played the clarinet on one tune and soprano saxophone on the other.  This band played for a couple of hours and they closed with a wonderful version of “When the Saints Go Marching In”  It was a really cool, the way he introduced the band through the lyrics of the tune, it also segued into each of their final solos.

After a short intermission, The Eric Jones Quartet went on  Eric is present at the Jazz Festival every year, either playing  keys at all of the jam sessions or as a member of someone else’s group.  This year he was a featured artist and we got to hear some of his originals as well as some standards.  My favorite tune they did was a fabulous rendition of “Footprints” by Wayne Shorter.  He also featured his original “Miyako City”  This was a tune he composed in the wake of the earthquake in Japan.  It was a beautiful song and also a little chilling in parts. Eric gave an introduction to the tune where he talked about snapshots in time, and what was going on in the time that photo was taken.  Also how all the arts tell a story, and this “Miyako City” certainly does.

Thursday started the festival at Forsyth Park with The Blues on the Green night.  The first two acts were  local bands, Bottles and Cans and The Eric Culberson Band  I have not seen Bottles and Cans but I have seen Eric Culberson.  Unfortunately, I was working when they were on.  I know they put on a great show.  I got there for the closing act, Super Chikan and the Fighting Cocks  He is a Delta Blues musician who makes his own guitars and has a great sound.  I really enjoyed listening to him, he was fun. One thing,  after EVERY song, he says “Somebody shoot that thang”  to me, it got annoying, just to let you know what to expect if you  if you see him. He puts on a great show and the audience gets into it.  I saw some people walking like chickens and clucking too. Chikan did some cluckin’ on stage too.  He is fun to watch and you can tell he, as well as the rest of the band, are having a great time!  He had guitar  made from a ceiling fan motor and one looked like it was made from a rifle.  He also had a custom guitar in a the shape of a chicken, each had their own sound. He is a wonderful musician and entertainer.

At the end of the show there is a jam session at Blowin’ Smoke   Last night it was a blues jam hosted by Josh Maul, a fine blues guitarist , also local musician Unfortunately, I was only there for about 20 minutes.  There are jam sessions at the end of all these nights held at Blowin’ Smoke and admission to everything is free!  This is all courtesy of The Coastal Jazz Assocication

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