One Man and His Horn: Dandridge Revisited

Yesterday, October 3, I went to downtown Dandridge.  I have been spending the weekend at my brother’s house and thought it would be nice to go play downtown again.  It was such a positive experience when I was here last time, I was looking forward to playing there too.  I was met with a wonderful reception from the people who remembered me from a month ago.  Like before, there were people who made a stop at the four way stop sign and listened for a few seconds before moving on, giving me a smile and/or a thumbs up.

I played for two hours and had a great time seeing some familiar faces. I met and talked to a few people, one of which, John invited me back for the first Friday in December for Christmas Festivities.  Something I may do, depending on what is going on at the time.  He also bought me a lunch at Southern Comforts Cafe,  I also received a coupon for my next visit there from the owner of the restaurant.  Dandridge is a small town, with a wonderful atmosphere and very friendly people.  There is a genuine appreciation for what I do here, and as I keep finding, in many of the small cities in this area.

What I like most about coming up here, is I am able to see my brother and his family.  It is not something I have been able to do very often.  I have been here twice in the last month and thoroughly enjoyed myself staying at his house and seeing my nieces and my nephew.  Even though I was here a month ago, I didn’t get a lot of time with the family.  The plans on this trip got changed and it enabled me to hang out here a couple extra days.  Their house has great views of the Smoky  Mountains and a lake which unfortunately gets drained in the winter time.  Sunrises here are amazing, I was able to see one when I was here a couple years ago.  I am also very grateful to them for allowing me to stay here.  Kerri (my sister-in-law) has told me a couple of places where I could go and they turned out pretty good.

  1. Vickie said:

    Hi James,
    It’s Vickie from The Red Door Gallery. I am so sorry to see that I missed you on Monday (that’s my day off)! I would have loved to have heard your playing once again. I would certainly welcome you back in town anytime. Do you plan to be back any other time this year?

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