One Man and His Horn: Morristown, TN

My sister-in-law, Kerri, suggested to me to go to Morristown on Tuesday.  It was a 
cool little town that had skywalks.  I found a nice corner outside of a business that
was closed.  In the first five minutes, two business owners came over and asked me if I
would play in front of their shop or at the restaurant.  I thought that was great, I
figured I would make a whole day of playing in Morristown.  Five minutes after that,
a police officer drove up and came over to me.  I asked him  politely,
  "Is this where I get the boot?"
"Not from me" he said "We had a complaint and I have to respond to it"
He went on to tell me how much he was enjoying the music and how it was nice to
hear in this town.  I understood.  I asked him,
"If somebody asked me to play in front of their business, would that be okay"
"If you have that opportunity, by all means, go ahead.  I can't do anything about
that."   I assured him I would play a little softer.  
I went down to The Fret Store, a music shop run by a man named Daryll. He also
happened to be the President of downtown.  I played for just about two hours there
and, again, the people walking by were genuinely pleased with what they were
hearing.  I did well in that time, as well as receiving many compliments and smiles from
passersby.  I had some great conversation with Daryll and some other people, I don't
mean to sound like a broken record, but the people in this area are just warm and
welcoming.  It is hard to feel like a stanger here, even though I had never been there
before. When I was done playing in front of The Fret Store, I went over to the Java Garden.

This was a great coffee shop,  with  excellent outdoor  seating. I saw Karen, the
woman and owner, who invited me over a couple hours earlier, and she told I should
have been there. I told her I was taking a break and I would be delighted to play in a
few minutes.  Unfortunately, they closed at 4pm and it was just after 3:00 so it was
really slowing down. Karen, and everyone who was working, Sarah, RT and Abbey were all 

super cool. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of the staff, on a couple outside.
 Sarah, who was my server, was working inside and she didn't get to hear    
me play.  She told me even though her husband plays guitar, she loves the 

saxophone. I asked what she liked and she said "Whatever you want to play."  

About ten minutes later I went inside and  played for about twenty minutes for the 

staff and the few customers that were there.  After I was done, that is when I met the 

rest of the staff and they all said "Thank you"  When I met RT, he gave  me a tip 

and said "I hope this helps with your travels, I know how it is to be a musician."  I said 

"Thank you, I know how it is to be a cook."  I was grateful for that and for the smiles 

from him and everyone else.  Next time I go through Morristown, I am definitely 

stopping at the Java Garden and asking Karen if I can play there.   It is a great 

cafe, with a great staff.

I want to thank the people of Morristown for making me feel so welcome there.  I look 

forward to my time there!


  1. kim said:

    I was very interested in reading your blog, but I can’t see it all; the lines run off the page …sorry.

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