One Man and His Horn: Chattanooga

Sunday, I was feeling a little under the weather so I took the day off.  I took it easy and caught up on other work and hung out with the family.  I went to bed relatively early and woke up very late in the morning on Monday.  I wanted to go to Morristown that morning and afternoon and play at the Java Garden but I wouldn’t have got there in time.  Next time I am in the area I will stop back by there.

After I got all my stuff together, I thought I would head to Chattanooga.  As I was leaving, my sister-in-law Kerri was pulling up with the little ones.  It was wonderful to say “Bye” before I left.  I arrived at the River Walk, looked around and started playing at 6:00pm.  Where I started was near the entrance to the Southern Bell riverboat.  I believe when I set up that close to something, people think I must be part of the deal.  I moved way down near the playground and unfortunately, not many people were down that way.  It was a Monday holiday after all.  After about 30 minutes, I asked someone who walked by where downtown was.  It was right around the corner.  I felt I had to regroup.  I went to a coffee shop and asked the manager some questions.  He was very helpful. I went down by the aquarium where there are restaurants and cafes.   I found a good spot on a corner that was part of a parking  lot and would not block anything.

It was a little slow to start.  As the night went on business got better.  There was a family who walked by and their daughter had Down’s Syndrome and she gave me a tip.  I stopped what I was playing and asked if I could play something pretty for her.  Her father said “Yes, play something pretty for this girl right here.”  I played “Fly Me to the Moon” and I tell you-I never get tired of moments like that.  The look on that girl’s face….priceless!  Sometime later, they came back by and again, I stopped the tune I was playing and started to play “What a Wonderful World”  her Mom told me she loves “Sound of Music” so I played “My Favorite Things”  I talked with them for a few moments and I don’t know who made who’s night, but that was just awesome!  There were some other cool interactions, one with an older couple.  They said it was there first night there and they were loving it.  I told them it was my first night there too.  They hung around for a couple of tunes and talked for a few minutes too.  There were several people who walked by and said “I’m glad your hear, this is a nice change.” — in one form or another.

I saw that it was starting to slow down around 9:00, so I packed it up.  All in all, it was a good night. Thank you Chattanooga!  And thank you for reading!

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