One Man and His Horn: Two Down

I got home Tuesday night. This tour that I just finished, was suppose to be a Northern Tour.  I didn’t make it as far north as I wanted to and just like like in Jazz music, I did a lot of improvising on this tour.  Fortunately, my brother and his wife gave me some help with some towns nearby Dandridge, and those were great stops.  Of course, my brother-in-law, Ed was helpful to me over the phone, when I left. I was able to make some connections and meet some wonderful people I never would have met if I didn’t go there. It was the same with the towns I did plan to visit when I went to as far as Harrisonburg. I find the small towns genuinely appreciate having a busker there because it is not quite as common as it is in the bigger cities.  I also found, the saxophone is not a common busking instrument, even though there are three in Savannah. I heard a lot of comments/compliments, even in the bigger cities, about how nice it was to hear something other than a guitar.

I really enjoy going to these other cities and seeing different parts of the country, I would not normally see.  Meeting the people who live in these cities and towns is such a pleasure. Usually, I just pass through them on the highway and never know anything about them.  Now that I have done two tours, it was given me a serious case of wanderlust.  I love being in Savannah and playing there every night in Reynolds Square or maybe Johnson Square.  I get to meet people from all over the world doing that.  It seems I get to have the best of both, between being in Savannah and traveling the country.

I am planning another tour in November to include 5-6 cities in Florida.  I will only be out for a week to ten days.  I know people in Florida and it will be nice to see them again.  It could be a little longer depending how well it goes.  I know I am looking forward to being in Jacksonville again.

I want to thank you everyone who has taken the time to read and follow along on my journey.  I still look forward to meeting as many of you as I can when I am out on the road, or if you should ever come to Savannah!

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