Savannah Song Writer’s Series

Last May, I friended someone named Tami on Twitter. She invited me to come watch a show she and her husband Jeff started here in Savannah, called Savannah Song Writer’s Series   It is held at a restaurant called Cha Bella, on the outside patio, on the third Sunday of every month.  It is a wonderful outdoor venue suitable for all ages.  I went to that show and it was excellent.  There were 4 musicians, all from- or living in- Savannah and playing original tunes.  I thought the concept was fantastic, as it promotes local musicians and helps to get you out there.  I asked Tami if I could be on the line up for June.  Unfortunately, they were booked for the rest of the season.  Tami contacted me a while after that and told me she had an opening in October, and asked if I wanted it.  I said yes!

Tonight, October 16th I was able to be on the line up.  What I didn’t know, is the line up of the other musicians are on a rotation, and regulars every month.  They have one or two featured artists, I was the featured artist tonight.  The other musicians, Jeff, Roy and Stan are some of the regulars every month.  It was such a pleasure to be up there playing with these gentleman.

We all do four songs, one at a time.  The other gentleman played guitar and sang.  As a Jazz musician, I only played instrumentals.  Solo saxophone was a little bit different than what the others were doing and from the first show I ever saw.  Before every tune, I would explain the tune I was playing.   I wanted the audience to know what they were listening to.  I explained to them who gave me the sentence and/or where it came from.  After my first tune, a man named Tom asked, “You got all of that from a sentence?”  And I explained how the beginning of the song is their conversation and the rest is more or less improv.

The sentences I played were –

“What you played yesterday, haunted me.”  Said by an English woman in the Square one night

“I went to SCAD for comic book art”  Said by my friend, when I asked him what he went to SCAD for

“Mortality rate is really high”  Overheard in a coffee shop, from one med student or (maybe statistics)  to another

“Oh, my God. You are the sweetest thing” Said to me during a tender moment.

I admit to being a little nervous being the only jazz man among this group of people. I don’t know why, Tami had heard my music, liked it and invited me to the show.  After I played the first tune, I was no longer nervous.  The audience, as well as the other musicians, really enjoyed what I was doing.  I also enjoyed what Jeff, Roy and Stan were playing.  They all had their own different sound and style. However, each of them all played from their heart and that was evident in every song that was played tonight by all of us. There is a different feel listening to them when up there with them, than being out in the regular audience.  It is a whole different vibe.   I am grateful for the opportunity and to the people who came out to listen.  I hope to be able to do that again!

Thank you again, Tami, Jeff, Roy and Stan and to Cha Bella for having me tonight!

  1. gwen said:

    Congrats to you. I wish I could have been there. Did you record your part?

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