One Man and His Horn: Jensen and West Palm Beach

Yesterday, the 15th, I had planned to see my good friend Jeff for breakfast and head head to West Palm Beach for the rest of the day, hoping to meet up with another of Jan’s alumni,(and now co-owner) and good friend David.  Jan informed me he was coming coming up to the restaurant with his niece and her friends.  I made a change of plans.  I still had breakfast with Jeff, and just like everywhere else, it was like we didn’t miss a beat.  It was so good to see him, and I need to thank Jeff for picking up my breakfast.  He said,”I am not going to be able to put any money in your tip box so I want to get your breakfast.”  I did play a couple of tunes, including a sentence he gave me, out in the parking lot.  Almost 2 hours flew by and we went to make a surprise visit to our friend TJ.  It was good to see him too, he threw out a couple of ideas for future projects, that had us cracking up.  He always was funny.  After a brief visit, because he was at work, we all parted and I went back to Jensen Beach.

I walked in and saw David, it had been the longest since I had seen him.  He left in 1997 to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot, which he has successfully done.  He is a Captain for Jet Blue Airlines.  I am so happy for him and his successes. I didn’t get a picture of the two of  us, but he is the one in the sunglasses in back of me, in the bottom picture.  I know he has worked his butt off and he deserves it.  So we talked for a few minutes before I went to do one more shift out front.  I thought it would be cool for him to see what I do now.  We have both come a long way since our days at the beginning.  I played out there for just under two hours and during that time I saw another dear friend, Bill.  He is an older man who was in the exterminating business and he worked at lots of restaurants and I always thought so much of him.  I think he has one of the sweetest hearts of anyone I know.  That was a surprise to me, I didn’t know he still lived there.  Of course, there were several people I didn’t get to see, there just wasn’t enough time.  Perhaps next time.  Bob, Jan, and Dave left but not before I got a picture of all of us, with Matt, Bob’s son. I left shortly thereafter and headed to West Palm Beach.

I got some tips on some places to check out once I got there.  I went to City Place and found out quickly, I could not play there.  That was fine, it was still early in the day, so I went to Barnes and Noble to catch up on work I had fallen behind on.  I found my way to the River Front and found a great spot, in front of Trump Plaza.  I was across the street and the sound bouncing off the buildings was excellent.   Apparently, I could be heard from the 27th floor in the building next to Trump Plaza!  The unfortunate thing about the Waterfront is most of the traffic were joggers or dog walkers.  There were some couples and what not, but it was kinda slow there.  I had put my tip box away, to make a recording and as I was doing that, a woman, named Patty was  walking her dogs, and she  told me I made her night.   Then she told me I should be on Clematis St.  I went up there and there was music coming out of the restaurants, so I was done for the night.  I headed to Boca Raton.

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