One Man and His Horn: Jensen Beach, Day 2

Normally I like to stay in a city for just one day, but I really wanted to stay a second day in Jensen Beach.  There just wasn’t enough time with just the one.  When I got up, Bob took me over to see the Steakhouse they opened just a few weeks ago.  It looks great and the menu there is also excellent.  After that, I went back to Jan’s Place for two and a half  hours and played on the sidewalk again.  It was a Monday, so it was a little slower but all in all it was good shift.  Jan’s has a second location in Ft. Pierce and it didn’t don on me until just now–to go there and play.

There was a party of four I talked with for a few minutes.  I only got one of their names, Tony.  There was also a youngster at the table I was told who plays piano and violin and she also sings.  I tried to get to get her to sing a song with me but she was bashful.  It was quite adorable.  They came over and took some pictures later on and Tony said, “I would like to give you a hug, if you accept them.”  I said “Absolutely”  Then he gave me a hug and said “God bless you”  I thought that was a really cool thing.   After I was done, I went in to eat and I had a meatlover’s omelet.  Courtesy of my dear friend Alex.  She had given me money to “have a meal on her” so I did, thank you!  As usual, it was delicious.

I went up to the coffee shop and tried to get some work done, but the internet kept cutting in and out making it impossible to do anything. While there though, I received some disturbing news about a fellow busker and musician in Savannah who had been killed.  I had seen him walking through the Square earlier in the day on the night I left.  He wasn’t a close friend, but I knew him and I liked him.


Later on, after making a couple of phone calls, I returned to Stuart.  I went to the Lyric Theater.  There was a show later that night so, after one song, I was asked to move.  I went over to the Riverwalk.  It was a nice area, not a lot of foot traffic.  I found there wasn’t a lot of foot traffic in general.  All of the restaurants were busy, but it was weird, I didn’t see a lot of people walking around.  There were a few, and one couple left me a nice tip- thankfully.  The people in the office next to where I was playing, were putting up Christmas decorations and I was told if I wanted a massage, to just come on down anytime.  I said “What about now?”  They were closed, they were just there to decorate, oh well- next time!        

I was there for about two hours and decided to go back through Jensen and see what was going on there. I wanted to do a night shift there, but, there wasn’t anything going on.  I thought it would be kinda fun to go to a couple of my old hangouts.  Then I thought it would just be a better idea to head back to Bob and Jan’s house.  Jan had made chalupas and they were great, and we watched Dancing With the Stars.


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