One Man and his Horn: Naples and Ft. Myers

I drove into Naples relatively early yesterday  and got some coffee.  I went to 5th ave. and it was a beautiful street with shops and restaurants.  Condos are on the top of all of these, it is a cool set up.  At the end of the street, is the beach.  (Sorry I don’t have any pictures).  Unlike the people I had encountered the previous day, I found the people here to be much friendlier and even helpful.  I didn’t see any kind of actual spot here so I asked one of the businesses if I could play outside their store.  She politely said no.  She gave me the number of the person to call and find out if I could play anywhere on 5th. I got the voicemail, and this time I left a message.  She never did call me back.  I asked a couple of ladies, a mother and daughter I think,  if there was a park or somewhere I could play.  I explained what I do, and they suggested The Pier.

I went to The Pier and got started around 12:30pm.  I played for about 40 minutes and Beach Patrol gave me the boot.  I wrote a blog about that yesterday, called “Busking is not Soliciting”  please give it a look, if you haven’t already.  I got out of there and headed to Ft. Myers. Needless  to say, if you are a Busker, don’t even bother going to Naples, for any other reason it would be great though.

I got to Ft. Myers around 3:30.  I had heard from a man who lives here last week in Savannah, that Centennial Park would be a good spot.  I found my way there relatively easy.  I did some paperwork and got down there around 5:15.  I saw some guys out with guitars, so I went and asked them if they were Busking or just practicing.  They said “Just enjoying the last few minutes of the daylight”  What a great answer!  I waited a little bit and I got started at 5:50.  It was a slow night, though it was a fun.  I got to see the sunset, and it was beautiful.  My cell camera just doesn’t capture it well.  A photo class came by and took some photos and they are going to share them too.  I am looking forward to those.  They were all a cool bunch of people.  David Macki of Snap Flash Photo, was the teacher.

I also got see a couple of volleyball games.  Plus I just wailed for two straight hours.  I only stopped because I didn’t see it picking up. A couple of Police cruisers drove by and they didn’t seem to mind, they didn’t stop.  It seems busking is perfectly fine in Ft. Myers.  I asked a couple baristas  about downtown business.  They were most helpful, in fact one of them is a singer who goes out busking from time to time.  I get the impression this is more of a daytime city.  There are things to do at night on a weekend and such, but I won’t be here then. Some of the clubs start getting busy at midnight, but I don’t want that scene.  I stayed the night in Ft. Myers and decided to give the daytime a shot.

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