My 5 song EP

Recently I posted a 5 song EP digital download in my reverbnation store. “More Conversations”

I thought I’d share with you, where the conversations came from.

1. “I am not a Crook”

I was working at a weekly gig I had and trying to get some audience participation and they didn’t understand what I was  trying to get across.  The bartender, who is also my friend, was out there and I said “Hey Jefferson, get the ball rolling for us”  and he put his hands up in the air and said “I am not a crook!”

2. “I Went to SCAD for Comic Book Art”

I was having a conversation with a friend and I was talking to him about how I come up with ideas for my tunes.  He was telling me he went to SCAD, it is an arts school in Savannah. I asked him “What did you go to SCAD for?”  He said “I went to SCAD for comic book art”  I told him I would take that sentence and turn it into a tune.

3. “I’ve Never Been East of the Mississippi”

I was talking to a bartender, at another place, also about how I come up with my tunes.  During the conversation, she told me when she moved to Savannah, it was the first time being east of the Mississippi.  I said “Really, my first time west of the Mississippi was only a few years ago.”   “Yeah” she said, “I’ve never been east of the Mississippi”  that was, until she moved here.

4. “Mortality Rate is Really High’

This is a newer version from the “Conversations” CD  I overheard a couple of med students or stats students talking at a coffee shop.  I have know idea what they were talking about.  All I heard when the music in the coffee shop got silent in between songs was that sentence said by one of the students to the other.

5. “What You Played Yesterday, Haunted Me”

I was working in the Square one night and there was an English woman sitting on a bench listening to me play for a while.  I started talking to her and (again) explained how I come up with my tunes.  She had also heard the night before on the way to the hotel across the street.  She said “What you played yesterday, haunted me”  I had never heard that before, I thought that was cool.

You can sample and purchase any and/or  all of these songs here

Thank you!


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