RPM Challenge: Day 7

Holy cow!  A week into the Challenge already and I think I may have a recording I can use.  I went to record tonight and I will listen tomorrow to see if I can use it.  I thought it was an appropriate night to record this one.  I tried a couple of days ago but just couldn’t get it.  I think it is appropriate because the Haiku is

Full moon tonight

Luminous in the black sky

Guides us through the night

I figured since it is a full moon out tonight, that would help!  I have two other Haiku written, but no music to go with them yet.  I will be working hard on those this week and hopefully have those recorded.   Unfortunately, The past couple of days, I have had inflammation in my left thumb.  I was not able to do anything at all yesterday and most of today.  I am feeling confident about tomorrow though, I am feeling better and will be right back to business.

Considering how slow January went by, I am amazed at how fast February has started off!  I am very enthusiastic about this Challenge and hope you also like what I produce!

Thank you for reading!

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