RPM Challenge: Day 9

I was not very happy with the recording I made the other night.   Last night, after work, we went down to the parking garage and tried again.  I also had spent yesterday and the day before, working out a couple more Haiku.  So when we got there, I was able to make more than one recording.

“Full Moon” came out decent after a few takes.  I will use it for the RPM Challenge cd but will record another version for the actual cd I make.  I really do like the sound of my saxophone sounds in this particular parking garage.  I have tried a few other places to get the echo effect and this one seems to do well for me.

One of the Haiku I wrote and recorded last night,

Barefoot in the grass

Tickles the soles of my feet

Feels good when I walk

Is an upbeat happy tune, kind of played like how I feel when walking through the grass barefoot.

The other-

Hot chai tea, cold day

Together with dark chocolate

Seduction awaits

Starts off with a chill and a steaming teapot.  It then goes low to the smooth dark chocolate and wraps up with a “conversation” between a man and a woman as he is seducing her.  I want to say to Alexandra, thank you for helping me with these recordings and your input on some of these tunes.

I have posted this on my http://www.reverbnation.com/jamesrinalduccijazz   It is called “Chai Seduction”  Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

I will post a couple more as I record them.  I will be writing more Haiku tonight and working them tomorrow and have a couple new tunes posted hopefully, by Monday.

As always, I am grateful to all of you that read and follow along and support  my journey!


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