RPM Challenge: Day 13

After a productive week of getting some tracks finally recorded, I slowed right down.   Last Thursday morning, I had to go to the ER as my achilles heel was killing and made it almost impossible to walk.  I was there for a couple of hours and they gave me an anti-inflammatory and some pain killers, but I was bed ridden for the entire day.   It has also been cold here for the past several days.  When I do finish working,  I am already too cold to go do recordings.  I do my recordings in a parking garage.  I can’t go in there until after most of the cars are gone otherwise, there is just too much noise.  The echo of the garage is why I like doing my recordings there, it makes a nice sound.  However, I have been working a couple of new Haiku.  I have ideas as to what I to play for them, so though I have not done anymore recordings, I have been keeping as busy as I can.

Wishes on a star

Thousands are made every night

How many come true?


And another one–

Though loved ones leave us

Memories of them remain

But still, we miss them


Tonight, I will be writing some more Haiku so I can get right to them after I record these two.  Who knows?  By the time I can record again, I can get 3-5 tracks down that night.  I remain optimistic on finishing this Challenge with this idea.  Even if some of the recordings aren’t the greatest.  I will redo them when I make the cd.  I hope you liked the first one I put up.  If you haven’t heard it,  please click the link below.  It is the first song, “Chai Seduction”


Thank you for reading this post!



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