RPM Challenge: Day 24

It  has been a busy week!  I was a little worried about getting this Challenge cd done on time.  With the set backs I was having  and the weather, I didn’t think I would get there.  Wednesday night, with my friend Alexandra’s help, I was able to get three more tracks down.  I only have 3 to go and I have 2 of the Haiku written, I just need one more Haiku and then I will be done.   As I have said before, this project is a little more difficult but I am finding that some of it is my best work.  Some of these tunes I will re-record, as I don’t the the quality is quite up to par.  On some of them, there are some mistakes, and I want to make it just a little better before I post them for purchase.  In the meantime, I will post a couple of these for your listening pleasure here,  http://www.reverbnation.com/jamesrinalduccijazz

One of them “Two Crows”

Two crows, side by side

Face each other behind shrubs

Together in death

This one is personal to me.  Last year year  that was exactly,  what I saw as I was walking to work one day.  I stopped and look at them for a while and wondered how they came to be there.  It was pretty powerful.  I was actually on the phone with Alexandra when I saw these and asked her what it could mean.  We never did come up with anything.  Anyway, while I was recording it, i was playing what my emotions were during the time I was looking at them.  It wasn’t really going anywhere.  Alexandra made a suggestion to tell a story.  So the story is,there are two crows flying around and they are happy and in love and having fun.  Then they fall together and leave this world and then I am sad when I see them laying there together.

“Persian Princess”

Liquid libations

Served by a Persian Princess

Always with a smile

This one is about a friend who is a bartender in Savannah who is half Persian.  The beginning of the tune has her pouring the drinks and then it goes into a Persian-esque sound. I am using a Persian scale for that part, something I have never done.  Then I change it to a bright happy sound to represent her demeanor as she is working.  I found it good enough to put on this cd, but will re-record this one for the future cd.


Though loved ones leave us

Memories of them remain

But still, we miss them

This one is personal too.  In three months I lost 2 people dear to me.  Alexandra’s mom and my sister, Jackie.  This one I did not post yet.  Not sure I will until I put up the cd. I was not able to record this in the garage and it doesn’t have the sound I prefer.  So this one will be re-recorded as well.  Anyway, this one starts happy, remembering all of the good times we have with our loved ones.  Then it gets a little sad as our hearts ache as we miss them.

I find myself going on a little journey as write these Haiku and as I come up with the music for them.  This cd and the music on it, has been an emotional ride, and at times just down right difficult.  As I mentioned earlier though, I think it is some of my best work.  I hope you think so too!

Thank you for reading post and listening to my music!

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