RPM Challenge: Day 29

It is very early on Wednesday as I write this.  I finished my my last song for the Challenge on Tuesday night.  I had this idea for Haiku Jazz since last year and really didn’t do anything with it since.  Well, I did two of them since then, but really didn’t know exactly what I was doing.  Haiku has a form and the music I put to them didn’t. I made some some key changes and such and much the same with the tunes I did for this cd.  Tuesday morning, I had an epiphany.  It came after having a conversation, the night before with Alexandra.  I was talking about Pentatonic scales.  Then it hit me.  A Haiku has a form of 5/7/5   For those that don’t know, that is 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second, and 5 in the third.  Pentatonic scales are a 5 note scale.  A regular scale, such as a major or minor are a seven note scale.  It occurred to me that this could be the form of Haiku Jazz– 5/7/5.

Last night, I went out to the parking garage and made my final recording for the Challenge cd using this format.  Granted, like most songs on this cd, I need to re-record this one.   I posted on my reverbnation page, http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/artist_songs/827269  along with 5 other of the 10 tunes on this cd.  However, “Japanese Orchid”  is the only one with the 5/7/5  form I mentioned.   I found it apropos that it would be THIS tune I came up with that idea. ( Although, I am surprised I didn’t think of that sooner)   The 2 Pentatonic scales are Japanese, the Minyo and the Iwato scales.  I used a Phrygian scale for the middle.

This is probably something I never would have thought of, or maybe I would, who knows?  All I know is, it came to me during the RPM Challenge, like so many other things do when I do this.  As I said before, this is my 4th Challenge and every year I walk away with something at the end of it, that I didn’t have before, and I am grateful for that.  I would like to thank The Wire in Portsmouth, NH for starting this 7(?) years ago.  Thank you, again, to Alexandra for her help and input.  And thank YOU for following along on this project.  This year was, by far, the most difficult and emotionally charged Challenge.  By tomorrow, I just might take the entire day off–from everything 😉  I will post a complete list of all of my Haiku poems for your reading pleasure.

Again, thank you and have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!

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