Haiku Jazz Album

Back in February, I created an album for the RPM Challenge. This is my first blog since I finished that project.  I thought I would write all of the Haiku on the album.

1. “Chai Seduction”

Hot chai tea, cold day

Together with dark chocolate

Seduction awaits

2. “Barefoot”

Barefoot in the grass

Tickles the souls of my feet

Feels good when I walk

3. “Full Moon”

Full moon out tonight

Luminous in the black sky

Guides us through the night

4. “Two Crows”

Two crows, side by side

Face each other behind shrubs

Together in death

5. “Wishes”

Wishes on a star

Thousands are made every night

How many come true?

6. “Memories”

Though loved ones leave us

Memories of them remain

But still, we miss them

7. “Wanting to be More”

A drooping rosebud

Standing alone in a vase

Wanting to be more

8. “Persian Princess”

Liquid libations

Served by a  Persian Princess

Always with a smile

9. “Streetlamp”

Streetlamp solitude

A man smoking cigarettes

Contemplates his life

10. “Japanese Orchid”

Japanese Orchid

Imported from the Blue Moon

Meditation stones


I have written these out as I wrote them, I thought it would be nice to have them all in on spot.  I have a few these songs posted.  To hear some of these please click the link below


Thank you for reading this post and taking a listen to my tunes!


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