Rich and Jill’s Wedding

Over the past weekend, on April 21, I played at my friend Jill’s wedding.  She had asked me to do that last summer when she and her friend, Jenn, had come back to Savannah for a weekend getaway.  I was surprised when she asked me, but of course, I said “yes’.

I had never met Rich until the day before the wedding, at a dinner which Jill prepared, a most delicious lasagna. Rich is a good man and was very welcoming, as was everyone else. I met a lot of people that night from both sides of the family.  All of which seemed super cool and nice.  I particularly enjoyed meeting Jill’s father.  He had a lot of knowledge of the music I would be playing and told me a lot about the composers and singers from “back in the day”.

Also, that night, I wanted to play “their” song for them with how I wanted to do it, to see if they liked it.  They didn’t want the “Bridal March”, instead “A Kiss to Build a Dream On”  I figured a way to put just a snippet of the “Bridal March” in there. I played it for them and they liked it.  Afterwards, I went to the dock that was in back of the cottage and played a mini “concert”.  It was pretty fun.

The next day was the big day.  We met at an Inn and took some pictures in a beautiful Courtyard.  I started playing there, then it was a short walk to the beach where the ceremony was going to be.  The Bride and Groom were in front of me and I was playing as we walked to the beach.  I couldn’t see behind me, but I was told later on, it looked like I was the Pied Piper.

We got to the beach and made our way down near the water.  It was a perfect day for this, despite the 60% chance of rain, which it didn’t.  As Jill approached the beach, I asked Rich where he wanted me, he told me, and I started playing their song.  I was a little worried I started too early, as she got stopped for pictures, but the timing worked out perfectly!

Tears of joy and smiles were abound, it was a beautiful ceremony.  When it was over, I went right into, “The Way You Look Tonight”.  Then it was picture time.  I played some tunes during that and all the way back to the Inn.  There were more photos taken there.  When everyone started to leave, I finished the afternoon with “A Kiss to Build a Dream On” and Jill’s father said to me “Satchmo, would be proud.”

It was back to the cottage for champagne and the most decadent cupcakes I have ever had.  Thank you Rich and Jill for having me be a part of, and playing for your special day!



Photos by Backriver Imaging — except the photo of Jill’s Dad and Me

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  1. Jill said:

    Thank you again! Great post — my parents printed it out to keep it. 🙂

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