Tradd and Angie’s Wedding

Saturday, April 28th, I was working in the Square.  I was playing tunes like I normally do, when a small group of people came up to me and asked if I would be there the next day around 1:00pm.  I normally play in a different Square on Sundays.  They explained that there would be a wedding there at that time and asked me if I would play for them.  It was the parents of the bride or groom, I told them I would be happy to do that.

I got there just after 12:30 and there were already a lot of people already there.  I didn’t wast anytime, I took out Gilda and asked where I was wanted.  They showed me and I started playing.  I never met the bride and groom until after the ceremony, when we took some photos.  It was a beautiful day for a wedding, to some, it seemed a little hot.  Fortunately, the beautiful oaks of Reynolds Square provided more than enough shade.

Tradd and Angie entered Reynolds Square, and I started playing “What a Wonderful World”.  At the end of the second verse everyone stood and I went straight into the “Bridal March”  The timing was perfect.  Tradd and Angie were beautiful and happy.  Seeing the little boy and little girl as ring bearer and flower girl, reminded me of when my sister and I did that for my Uncle’s wedding when we were kids.  It was a short, but beautiful ceremony.

When it was over, I played “The Way You Look Tonight”, as  seems to be my regular tune to play after a ceremony.  Photos started to be taken and the kids that heard me the night before, asked if I could play the tunes I played for them then.  I did and they were thrilled.  When I met the Tradd and Angie, they really cool, I was able to get a photo with them and also gave them a cd.  I am not sure if they knew I was going to be there or not, but they were happy that I was.

I don’t think I got the name of the parents who asked me to play for their wedding, but I am grateful for the opportunity.      Congratulations Tradd and Angie!    I hope you have a most wonderful life together!

This was the only photo I could get with my camera.  When the photographer emails his I will be posting them on here and on my facebook music page.

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