Films: “Soul of Music”

“Soul of Music” is the second SCAD  short film I did with mostly people from the “Sharp” crew.  My friend Ben called me up and asked if I could do him a favor, and I was all too happy to say “Yes”.  Jordan, the director, was making a film based on three paintings.  The three paintings were of  jazz musicians, a saxophonist, a trumpeteer, and a pianist.  Jordan also assigned a certain character to each of us.  I was a musician past his heyday, but still plays even though he is not making any money.  He plays because he just loves music, it is part of him.  The other two, I won’t say what they were, try to guess.

There is no talking in this, instead, there is a John Coltrane tune “Lazybird” being played.  The film starts with the three of  us playing in a club, as if it was the first time we have played together in years.  It was good to be playing together again, if even for a short time.  Unfortunately, when we were filming this portion, none of us are actually playing.  We were filming in a dining room (from 10pm-2am) that had an Inn upstairs  and we found out all too quickly we were disturbing the guests.  We had “Lazybird being played softly on the computer.  So with that, it doesn’t really sync up too well.

During the solo sections is where the “paintings’ come in.  The solo sections were filmed separately at a different time.  While setting up for the shots, I was listening to and trying to learn how to play “Lazybird” as best as I could.  I am actually playing in this part.  Though, what I am playing is not what is being heard.  I was trying to do the best I could to match what was being played.   I am no John Coltrane. I think I did a good job keeping the character Jordan wanted though.  I was not there for the filming of the trumpet player, but I stuck around for the piano player’s shoot.  As that was after the group shot was done.  When the solo sections are done it goes back to “club” scene and we finish and say goodbye and leave.  During the credits is when the paintings are shown, to show what he was going for.  I think he did a great job and had an amazing idea.   I like how he put it together.

Of course, it was great to work with Wes, Ben and Jordan again.  Plus I met a few others on this set that I still work with, from time to time.  These people I meet on these sets are wonderful to work with and very professional.  I may have said this before, but I hope I get to work with them as much as possible before they graduate and leave.   I feel fortunate to have got to know these people and become friends with them.

To see “Soul of Music” please click the link below, thank you!

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