My Music Video for “Streetlamp”

Many of you may know about the  project I did this past February during The RPM Challenge.  If not, you can read about it here,  I made a cd of – what I call Haiku Jazz.  All of those songs on them need to be re-recorded and I am starting with “Streetlamp”  I have some studio time and I am going to have recorded professionally and I will be making a music video for it.  I will be working with many of the people from SCAD that I have mentioned in my previous few blogs.

A recording of “Streetlamp” can be heard here  and downloaded for free. This is the recording I did in February, it is a raw recording done in a parking garage to get the reverb/echo effect I like. Sure, there are a few minor mistakes, but that is why I am redoing it.  In this video you will see me as a man who is down on his luck, not making any money, not in love and walking around trying to figure it out.  I walk past another musician making money, a couple that is in love and then I stop in a park. It will show me looking back on my life in a montage showing good times and bad times.  It just seems I keep walking around in circles throughout my life.  As I stand and look a little longer, there will be me “in the future” playing on a stage in the spotlight.  The “future me” looks at the “now me” with a nod, signifying – life is good.

Basically, everyone has ups and downs and we come to point in life where we wonder about everything.  Some people get there before others and that is why we have “late bloomers”, like myself.  You may find yourself doing something you love for 25 years, but there is an itch that just will not go away.  Perhaps you think it is out of reach or unrealistic, at least I did.  I have always loved music and wanted to play it as long as I can remember.  I just started doing it for a living just two and a half years ago.  I also believe, if you do what you love, your dreams will definitely come true.  Just like anything else though, it takes time and a whole lot of effort.  I know that is cliche’ but it is true.  A lot of you know my story, but if you don’t, I encourage you to look back on my earlier blogs, if you would like to get to me a little better.

As with many artists and projects that they do, I will be launching a fundraiser online in the next couple of weeks to help cover the costs of making this video.  Any support will be greatly appreciated and there will be prizes for donations.  For now, feel free to download any or all of the first three songs on my reverbnation page, I posted above.

Thank you for reading this post 🙂


music, video, jazz, haiku, saxophone, streetlamp

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