Savannah Jazz Festival: 2012 Day 4

Day four of the Festival was also at Blowin’ Smoke.  We got there a little early so we could get a table.  One way to meet some new people is at the table.  Since there were only two of us and we were waiting for a couple of friends, they sat a couple of nice ladies with us.  They were delightful.  One of them was Bob Mastellar’s wife who just happened to be the first of two acts last night.

Bob Mastellar & The Jazz Corner All Stars  started at 7pm and they come from The Jazz Corner in Hilton Head, SC.  They have live music 7 days a week    I saw them last year as well, I thought they were great. This year, they were a little different. Jody as in for the entire show this time- last year year he sat in for a couple tunes.    They played a lot of New Orleans style jazz and looked to be having a blast onstage.  Later on in the show, they brought up a surprise vocalist- Gina Rene’,   and an accomplished vocalist right here in Savannah and  a regular during the jam sessions.  As always, the solos were spot on and everybody was into the show.  Some of it reminded us of the kind of music you might hear in films. If you can make it to the Jazz Corner and see this Quintet, I think it would be an awesome way to spend an evening.

The second  band to play, was Swing 42.  A nine piece Gypsy Jazz Swing Band  Gypsy Jazz as a lot of people know was made famous by Django Reinhardt, and of course, they did some of his tunes.  They also did some originals that were excellent.  I have never seen a nine piece Gypsy Jazz group before so I was excited to see them.  They did not disappoint!  The recognizable strumming of the guitars started the show and from there, it never let up.  I don’t like to say anything negative, however,we missed  a few really wonderful solos on account of the mics not being turned up enough.  I don’t know why that was, they were doing a great job with the sound until that part.  I am glad we moved up to see this band.  The rest of the entire show was awesome.  A lot of it the music they played was just so relaxing.  I tell you, if you had a rough day yesterday, and came to watch that show, you would have left in the best of moods and/or very relaxed.  It was very nice to be in that audience and listen to them.  Their solos (that we did hear perfectly) were excellent.  I think they come from Columbia SC, and if you get to a chance to see them- do it.

On a personal note, every year at the Jazz festival I see some friends where it is the only time I see them.  I also make new ones throughout the week.  Some I see the following year and some I don’t. I miss my friend Christian, who is the first friend I made in this town at the 2009 Jazz Festival.  He moved away to bigger and better things after he graduated from SCAD.

There is a man named Stavros that I met a couple of years ago and I saw him last night.  I introduced Alex to him.  As I told her, he has a wealth of information about jazz music. He is 82 years old and has a lot of stories about musicians and some of them, I hadn’t heard of.  He is really great to talk to about jazz music and you can see the glint his eye when he tells these stories.

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