Savannah Jazz Festival 2012: Blues on the Green

It is called Blues on the Green because it is Blues night of the Jazz Festival, and it is the first night of the festival to take place in Forsyth Park.  The weather has been fabulous all week.  It was a perfect evening for an outdoor concert.  It is always a great night of blues.  I missed the first two performances because I was working.  Amburgey & Hanson, which you can sample and/or buy an album here After sampling some of it my self, I am sorry I missed them.  The second one was the  SSU Gospel Choir.  I have been to four of these and I have not seen a Gospel performance.  It makes sense that it would be featured on Blues night, since blues sprang from Gospel music.  I missed that one too.

What I did see and hear, were the other two performances. First,  The Eric Culberson Blues Band, a local blues legend in Savannah never disappoints   He plays his guitar so crisp and clean and his voice is a little raspy, almost like Joe Cocker but not quite as raspy.  It is a great contrast.  He is a pleasure to listen to and I wish I could get out to see him a little more often.  Although, Alex and I had the pleasure of seeing him play a show a few weeks ago with two other local legends, as they played cigar box guitars.  It was much more intimate and cordial.  They played “in the round” but sometimes would back each other up.  Anyway, the reason I mention that is because, he ended his show on Thursday with a tune he did at the show I just mentioned.  As much as I enjoyed his show Thursday and the wonderful music he played, my favorite song was “Some Humans ain’t Human”  He also played it on his cigar box guitar. It is a great tune with a great message.  I thought it was his tune, but I later found out, it is John Prine.

The second and last performance of the night was Li’l Ed and the Blues Imperials.  They played some great blues. They were the headliners for the evening. A Chicago blues Band with a great sound.  Some of the slide guitar solos were perhaps, some of the best I have ever heard.  We were in the back of the park, so we didn’t really get to “see” much but we could definitely heard the awesome tunes they were rocking out.  Toward the end of their show, they did a tune called “Life is a Journey”   You can hear it here-  As great as it sounds here, it was amazing  at a live show.  I had never heard of this band before, but much like past headliners on Thursday nights, they have a new fan!

After the show I went home.  I had seen some posts on facebook about the blues jam session at Blowin’ Smoke.  Knowing it would be great, I went and caught the last half hour.  Eric and Lil Ed were jamming together and what an amazing “show after the show”  There were also some locals who were up there having a great time jamming with the band.  Sometimes I think the jam session can be better than the performances.  Obviously, the shows are great, filled with electricity.  There is something about just watching them having some fun onstage.

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