Films: “Ace in the Hole”

Over this past summer, my friend Wes filmed his senior thesis for SCAD.   As I have mentioned before, I met Wes during my first SCAD film “Sharp”.  He had asked during a project in between if I would like to be in his film.  Without hesitation, I said yes!  He told me it was a film noir-esque with some comedy.  I thought it was a great idea.  I asked him if I would be the private eye and he said no.  He wanted me as one of the thugs working for “the Boss”.  I didn’t really care what he wanted me to do, I was just happy to be a part of his film.

We went over the script and I had brought up a line that I thought fit in with my character and he loved it.  I asked him if we could put it in there and he had to check with the script writer.  He did, and she said it would be fine.  I can’t say the whole line, but I can tell you I mention that “there are two types of people in this world…..” it gets a little profane after that.  Anyway. filming took place over 4 days.

Even though I was not a lead, I was on set for most of the filming, as I love being on the set and watching the behind the scenes.  Wes’ parents catered the set and they did an amazing  job!  For the budget they were on, it was amazing.  At the same time I was an extra on CBGB and I said this then, and I’ll say it now- in direct proportion to the size of the 2 sets, Doug and Marianne did as awesome as major film caterer.  I couldn’t stop going on about how great the food they made was.  It was certainly one of, if not, the best catered sets I have been on yet.

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Most of the filming was done in a warehouse where it was over 100 degrees.  Thankfully, as on any set, there was plenty of water for everyone.  I have to say the crew Wes put together was nothing other than patient and professional.  Wes as a director, was very organized and knew what he wanted. He was very patient in working with the actors, especially in that heat.  It didn’t really bother me, I like the heat.  But then again, I wasn’t in a suit 😉  The chemistry between the actors was also excellent.  I hadn’t met anyone of the actors before this and again, I have maintained a friendship with some of them.

There was a joke one of the guys wanted me to play on the 1st Assistant Director.  We checked with Wes and he said it was cool.  I pretended to flip out and ask why everything was taking so long and could we please just finish up!  I got into it with Wes and then he couldn’t hold back laughing and I laughed and look over at the 1st AD.  He didn’t like it.  He told me sit down and get back to work. I got a little nervous about that and later I went to apologize and he was cool.  He was definitely a great sport about the whole thing.  He never saw it coming and the crew members who didn’t know about it, thought it was real.  The looks on some of their faces were awesome.

“Ace in the Hole”  is about a private detective who is kind of not all there.  He has trouble solving cases and when an old flame hires him to find her cat, he witnesses a crime.  He got on the case instantly and finds their hideout.  In doing so he solves the greatest case of his career.  Their is some humor, their is some drama and there is some fun.  As I mentioned earlier I was not a lead in this film, but I am very involved.  I got to do some voice over work for the trailer which is posted below and you can watch.  I also get to play on the soundtrack which we are recording this week.  I am very proud of this film and proud of my friend for pulling off this great film.  I am also grateful for the opportunity to have such a big part on this film.   If you live in the Savannah area, “Ace in the Hole”  will be premiering at the SCAD showcase on November 15th 2012, at the Trustees Theater on Broughton St.   See you there!

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