A Lesson in Humilty

Last night I went to work as I usually do and I saw a couple of girls in the Square with hula hoops doing their thing with a hat out.  There were a few cardboard signs with writing on them, I didn’t see what they said, as I did not get close enough.  I didn’t really care either.  All I knew was, they didn’t have a permit to be entertaining in the Square and I do.  That was my attitude, so I just went and set up and started playing.  I went to the opposite side though, so I wouldn’t be a total jerk.

Normally what I do is walk up and ask another performer how long they are going to be and let them know I work there every night and ask if they would be done by 6:00pm.  I knew if I walked up to them I would have a bit of an attitude because I was already not in a good place in my mind.  However if they walked up to me after I started playing, I would be much more professional.  I started playing and about 5-10 minutes later, they sat down and started talking with each other.  Lit up a smoke and stayed a little while longer as I played.  They started walking in my direction and came up to me and put, what I think was, the tips they had made out there into my tip box.  I think that because the bills they put in were crumbled and it was also a handful of change.  I thought they were coming to talk to me and ask me why I interrupted their performance.  It was n’t that at all.  The one had put the money in my box and I said “Thank you.”  and the other one said “Thank you for the beautiful music”  Needless to say, I was a little surprised.  These two girls were just really cool about it.

The thing is, before they came up to me, I hadn’t been doing to well.  After they left, it seemed there was a little bit of magic.  A couple of my friends I haven’t seen came by and danced to “Fly Me to the Moon”.  They even talked about some possibilities of some things in the future concerning my music and my video, once it is completed.  A younger couple celebrating their first anniversary since they started dating also came in and we talked for a moment  and I played “The Way You Look Tonight” for them since they were so dressed up.  They danced and to that and my friends joined in too.  It was a really beautiful scene.  One of the nicest I have seen in a while.

After my break, I went back to work and noticed the cardboard signs were still there. Which means they were there for over an hour and a half.   Alex had come by for a visit, and I told her about what had happened and then I was curious as to what the cardboard had written on them.  So I picked one up and was just in awe of what a jerk I actually was earlier in the evening.   I picked up the other two and I had just about lost it.  I was already feeling a bad about my earlier attitude and grateful to  those two girls, I say girls- they were probably college students-  for their generosity.  It was almost if they left them there for me as a reminder- God knows I needed one!

To those two girls, I don’t know your names and don’t know if you will ever read this post- but, Thank you.  Thank you for being you and being there last night.  I am grateful!  Those signs are in my house now.


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  1. Dorothy said:

    Oh James what an honest to goodness beautiful experience. Having your eyes opened and the growth that happened there is inspiring. You are going to have such incredibly good stories to go along with your selection of quotes. 🙂

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